A project that looks at the virtual live event.

It comes from the idea of being a spectator, sitting in the chair of an event room/location, ready to listen, see and feel emotions in front of the communication of a message.

Thanks to the implementation of a broadcast direction, we are able to broadcast live all the audio contributions, emotional videos and slides, essential elements for the success of an event.

The spectator…sitting comfortably in an armchair, from home or from his own office.

The platform is extremely flexible and customizable in every detail is assisted and managed by our specialized technicians, it will allow you to put in contact endless people with one or more speakers.

It also offers the possibility of interaction between speakers and participants, with the function of online chat for Q&A, interactive voting and not to miss anything, audio/video recording of the whole event.

Possibility to transmit simultaneously up to a maximum of 8 audio channels in multi-language.

And to give space to fantasy, to make communication even more effective, we have created a virtual studio in our premises, to be designed together, to simulate a real stage with back drop, to be customized with logos and graphics.


Demo Professional Service


  • Dedicated video broadcasting;
  • Virtual graphic design with company logos and graphics;
  • Inputs of up to 8 simultaneous translation languages;
  • Live interaction of questions and answers through the appropriate Box;
  • Interactive Voting; Audio / video recording of the whole event.
  • Audio / Video recording of the whole event.

Why choosing us

You will have at your disposal a team of professionals who will guarantee you a thorough work with attention to detail and able to satisfy, involve and excite your audience in every occasion, always creating the right context.


You will have at your disposal a wide range of last-generation, certified, and reliable installations and equipment with the highest technological performance.


Thanks to the audio, video and lighting services, but also to the settings and the different multimedia solutions, we offer the necessary resources to manage all the technical aspects of your event, meeting or congress.


LiveOn supports you with passion and professionalism in every phase, from technical advice to planning and design, up to the realization, all the way to content post production.


LiveOn will provide you with technical advice free of charge and tailored to your real needs though its dedicated and helpful staff.